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february 18, 1887

The Marion Tribune made its retiring bow last week, and the material was shipped to Florence, Monday, where, with the addition of new presses and other fixtures, it will soon appear metamorphosed into the Florence Bulletin, with Mr. Crouch still as editor-in-chief, and Mr. Ginnette, his rustling assistant, as usual.

It is estimated that three-fourths of the human body is composed of water, and that a man weighing 154 pounds has 111 pounds of water, or about 14 gallons.—Exchange. That depends on the man. We know some men who are mostly a poor quality of whisky.

Graham & March have opened a blacksmith shop on the corner west of the courthouse.

The Baptists of Marion are preparing to build a church at the brow of the schoolhouse hill, where Squire Rhodes formerly resided.

A railroad contractor, old enough to know better than to monkey with anti-prohibition whisky, fell down the stairway in Case’s block, Tuesday, bruising himself badly.

Will Bates has his cigar manufactory in full blast in the room next adjoining J.H. Costello. On the first of March, he will move into the room now occupied by Jeff Wiley, the barber.

Cammann & Reiff is the latest real estate firm. They have just opened out in Donaldson & Hosmer’s old stand.

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