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MEMORIES: 125 years ago

Grand and Glorious!

Marion is intoxicated with joy this week! The contracts have been closed for a great system of water works and electric lights in this city, full particulars of which can be obtained from the ordinances published in to-day’s RECORD.

In addition to this important information, we are overjoyed to announce the reception of the glorious news that the Missouri Pacific has taken hold of our Kansas & Rio Grande project, and let the contract from Council Grove to Kingman! Marion’s future is assured!

Waterworks, electric light, foundry, Rock Island railroad, Missouri Pacific railroad, Santa Fe main line, a new $8,000 Methodist church just dedicated out of debt, a new $10,000 Y.M.C.A. building—the finest in the world for a city of this size—nearly provided for—with these “new things” Marion may fairly be said to be prospering.

Walter Sharp will celebrate the arrival of the Rock Island cars next Tuesday evening with an ice cream festival at his Health Resort.

Work is progressing upon the foundry and machine shops. Mr. Wishart informs us that he is about completing some negotiations, which will make the enterprise a greater success even more than he had anticipated.

The handsomely carved Missouri sandstone for the Union Mortgage & Trust Company’s building has arrived. It is a light lead colored stone and makes a rich, handsome appearance in a building. There are numerous fronts made of it in Topeka.

Last modified May 17, 2012