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july 1, 1887

The peace of this community was disturbed Tuesday afternoon by a row in the very innocent malt establishment on Main Street. As a result, Jack Troop, Chas. England and Elmer Sherman were assessed by Police Judge Malcomb $25, $25, and $30 respectively, including fines and costs. One or two fellows who were mixed up in the fuss have not yet satisfied the demands of the law.

The city council should not permit any billiard halls on second floors. If we must have them at all—and they are in no ways an honor or advantage to a town—but if we must have them let them be located on ground floors in sight of the public and under the eye of the public officers.

Only a day or two more in which to clean up our premises before the Fourth. Town pride should prompt you to make the most of the time.

Billy Bates has completed the school census of this district and found 1020 persons of school age—i.e.: between the ages of five and 21 years—an increase of 179 over last year’s census.

Dr. Coburn, our worthy and competent resident dentist is temporarily disabled, professionally, with a boil on the hand.

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