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august 19, 1887

The answer of Mr. Moore’s neighbors to the mudslingers in the primary race for county treasurer, his township, Durham Park, was certainly of a kind to gratify that gentleman and must make his defamers feel small. Of the 87 votes cast, he received all but one. We say this was a splendid endorsement and the people of the whole county will not forget it next November.

We will take oats on notes and accounts due us, paying the highest market price for same. Or, we will exchange goods for oats. Loveless & Sackett.

The “Marion Publishing Company” has been chartered. Who constitutes the Company and what do they propose to publish?

Wesley C. Parker, a young man about 20 years of age, varied the exercises in the Congregational church at Elmdale last Sunday evening by shooting himself in the head.

It is seldom the editor of the RECORD is compelled to retract any statement, but we had to “take back” something said last week. Mr. Hazleton came in and demanded that we retract the statement that the chiggers had gone, and the violent manner in which he rubbed his shins, induced us to take it back.

People should be extremely careful about their habits, these debilitating days. Eat sparingly and only wholesome food, sleep all you can, bathe frequently, and don’t overwork either the mind or body.

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