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september 23, 1887

Encouraged by temporary dissentions in the Republican ranks, our Democratic friends held what is claimed to have been the most enthusiastic convention ever held in this county, at Peabody, last Tuesday.

Several hundred people wended their way, Wednesday afternoon, to witness the first casting made at Marion’s new Foundry and Machine shops. Mr. Schable, the inventor of the celebrated Schable sad iron, was present exhibiting his little wonder. Messrs. Wishart & Knapp will make a specialty of manufacturing this iron and we believe have a “bonanza” in it.

Mr. Roger Hannaford, Sr., the aged and revered father of Dr. Hannaford, passed peacefully away last Tuesday afternoon, aged eighty-three years, eight months and one day. He had no disease, but simply fell like an autumn leaf.

The ladies of the First Baptist Church of Marion will give a New England supper at the rooms of the new church next Tuesday evening. Peaches, cream, and cake will also be served.

One of the most novel and attractive exhibits at the State Fair is that from the Kansas State Silk Station at Peabody.

Like all other business houses of Marion, after October first the Marion post office will be closed at eight o’clock in the evening.

In a few weeks, Mr. J.M. Wishart will have an iron fence around his residence premises. The fence will be cast at Mr. Wishart’s foundry and will be a Marion-made fence throughout. Verily we boometh.

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