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october 28, 1887

New houses are springing up in the Inter-State addition, which was formerly, you know, the Griffith farm. A new iron bridge has been ordered, the abutments for which are ready, and thus the Cottonwood river will soon cease to separate it from the rest of the city, and bring it into prominence as a very desirable location for a home. The company is liberal and enterprising, and offers excellent terms to purchasers.

Mr. Charley Hartke and Miss Sadie Ditmer were married in the Lutheran church near Lincolnville last Tuesday, by the preacher. The groom is a well-known farmer, and the bride is well known in Marion, having lived with Mr. and Mrs. John F. Carter for a year, and is an excellent lady.

The seven day Advents are at present holding their annual camp meeting joining town on the south. They will start a school here for the winter providing they can rent a building suitable for that purpose.

The dedication of the new Baptist church will be held next Sabbath. Dr. Lorimer, of Chicago, will conduct the services. The fame of Dr. Lorimer as a preacher and lecturer is equaled by few men living.

N.H. Coverdale, proprietor of the Golden Eagle Clothing Company, came up from Newton, Wednesday, and was highly pleased with the success of his store here, so far.

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