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january 13, 1888

The three peregrinating foreigners, who gave a street exhibition with a couple of bears, early this week, and then moved on west, had a high old time at Lehigh, we understand. In addition to the usual bear fight, there appears to have been a general rough and tumble knock down all around, in which the bears were about the only animals in the fracas that came out unhurt.

Our people awoke yesterday morning to find the earth mantled with several inches of snow, beautiful snow, just what was needed.

We like to keep track of the old Record boys. Mr. Lon W. Robinson, who founded this paper in 1870, had recently “bought out” the Valley Falls New Era. We hope it will be an era of prosperity for Lon.

Mr. G. Mott, who advertises today for hay, has already filled a government order for about three hundred tons, delivered at Ft. Wingate, New Mexico, and has orders for several hundred more. Thus, Kansas prairies pan out piles of good dollars to those energetic enough to gather this scattered wealth.

Our young friend, Robert Claney, occupies a peculiar position in this world. He cannot celebrate his birthday every year, like the rest of the race, but can only enjoy that privilege once in four years. He was born on the 29th of February.

Clark township has been divided by the County Commissioners and the new municipality will bear the name of one of the purest and best men this country ever produced — Colfax.

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