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MEMORIES: 125 years ago

Twenty-seven years ago this week, Kansas was just entering the sisterhood of States after a long struggle. It is therefore a fitting time to make a comparison: The population of Kansas in June 1860, six months earlier, was 107,206. On March 1, 1887, the population was 1,514,548. A gain in 26 years of 1,407, 345.

Mr. Conrad Kieferle Jr., while returning from church one evening last week near Elk, was thrown from his horse by the horse falling and narrowly escaped serious injuries, but escaped without much harm.

Mr. C.O. Hazleton has been enjoying the presence, this week, of his old regimental commander, Col. McDougal of Lake City, formerly Colonel of the 132nd Pennsylvania.

A good deal of amusement was occasioned in Marion last Saturday morning by the appearance of mammoth barefoot prints on the sidewalks. The tracks were more than a foot long, and came from two directions, entering Loveless & Sackett’s store. It was a fine advertisement.

Sidney Bower, son of Mr. Wm. Bower, was bitten by a rattlesnake when only about two years of age. He was bitten on the forefinger of the left hand and that finger has never grown any since, but has always been an encumbrance. He came to town Monday and had Dr. Hannaford amputate the finger.

Last modified Jan. 30, 2013