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march 30, 1888

We want to again call the attention of the proper authorities to the damage sure to result to the stone-arch bridge from the leaking water mains. The cement is kept constantly saturated, the stones are soaked with water, and the bridge is sure to be damaged if it is not attended to. We think the mains should be moved without unnecessary delay. They can never be kept from freezing in their present places, anyhow, and for the perfection of the water supply, especially in winter when it is most likely to be needed for fire protection, as well as for the safety of the bridge, the mains should be taken off at once. We have as much or more pride in this bridge than in any other one thing in the city, and don’t want to see it jeopardized.

About 25 members of Marion’s flourishing Lodge of Knights of Honor went up to Lincolnville Tuesday night and helped organize a lodge there which starts with 22 charter members.

Tom Smith writes that he has sold 800 Marion sad-irons in California, and could sell a thousand a month, if he could get the irons. Wishart & Knapp have a bonanza in that iron.

The popularity for the incandescent electric light is spreading.

One of the heaviest rains that has fallen here in two years fell Saturday night. It was a regular old soaker and following other good rains that had preceded it, it put the country in fine shape.

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