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april 20, 1888

It has been believed for some time that the stone which crops out from the brow of the hill east of the Luta, in Marion, possessed cement qualities, and to satisfy himself Mr. W.S. Moulton shipped a box of the stone taken from near the Baptist church, and had it analyzed and tested by Prof. W.D. Church, of the Kansas Bureau of Tests. Prof. Church returns the analysis and says, “If properly burned this rock will make a strong cement. Ft. Scott keeps 1,000 men employed in its cement works, we understand, and yet the quantity of cement rock is small compared to this valuable find in Marion.

It has seldom been our honor and pleasure to spend a more delightful evening than we passed at the handsome and hospitable home of Prof. T.M. Potter, near Peabody, last Monday evening. The occasion was Mr. Potter’s 48th birthday and some 60 or 70 gentlemen congregated there to do honor to their esteemed friend.

The Salvation Army has been drawing big crowds in Rogers Hall for three weeks, and is having a good many converts. The meetings are orderly and attended largely by people who seldom if ever attend church.

Perley Turner’s elocutionary entertainment in the Methodist church last Saturday night was not well managed in the way of advertising etc., and hence was not as well attended as it should have been.

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