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april 27, 1888

Mr. Charles Stroh, of Illinois, came in with Wallace Case Tuesday and will open up an extensive cigar manufactory if he can secure suitable quarters, which seems difficult. Mr. Stroh means business; he likes the town and is anxious to locate, but the room—the room, that’s the rub!

There will be a sunbonnet social given by the Christian sewing society this Friday evening in the storeroom vacated by Mr. Beck, first door east of Wheeler Brothers. Refreshments will be served: Ice cream, cake and lemonade. The society has some nice bonnets which they will offer for sale.

Mr. Freeland of the Rink livery stable has fitted up a fine street sprinkler and has kept the dust properly subdued this week. He has asked no support for the project as yet, preferring to exhibit its merits first but we are confident our businessmen will not let him stop the good work for lack of the necessary support.

Mr. Samuel Freeland has recently fitted up the Rink building and made of it a first class livery stable. He has a very complete establishment, lighted with electricity, an elegant ladies waiting room, etc. He keeps a fine array of vehicles and a splendid lot of horses for the accommodations of the public, and polite, accommodating attendance. Give him a call.

Mrs. Isaac Brown reports a strange freak of nature at her farm home in the shape of a chicken with three well-developed legs.

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