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june 15, 1888

Marion has had the honor of entertaining a party of distinguished gentlemen for several days consisting of Professors Snow, Marvin, Bailey, Franklin and Murphy, all of the Kansas State University at Lawrence.

They came particularly at the insistence of the owner of Chingawassa Springs with a view to making a thorough chemical analysis of the water and also to see if it is practical to run the water, a distance of five miles, into Marion.

Prof. Murphy made the scientific test establishing the fact that the springs are seven or eight feet higher than Central Park, and that the project is entirely feasible.

Jerry Whaley says he has as fine a crop of oats as ever grew in this country. He thinks he will have at least 3,000 bushels. Jerry is a very successful farmer. We reckon he is because he knows how.

The plasterers and carpenters are nearly through with the Y.M.C.A. building and the painters will begin the finishing touches in a few days. Dave Lucas has had the plastering job, and has done it well. Henry Kable has added new laurels to his splendid reputation as a carpenter.

The RECORD persists in believing that Marion has just as much and just as good salt as Hutchinson, and several hundred feet nearer the surface.

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