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june 22, 1888

The Rock Island road will bring 75 to 100 prominent and influential citizens of Topeka and other Kansas towns to Marion next Tuesday afternoon. They come to examine our stone quarries, to see the first Y.M.C.A. building in the State, to inquire about our salt deposits, to see our parks, and especially to taste and test the mineral water, the fame of which has reached them in their homes, and which they have heard are of much merit.

A family picnic consisting of 37 members of the Bowlbys and relatives was held last Saturday in the Ehrlich Grove some 2 or 3 miles west of the city.

Jacob Klassen, while driving to town Wednesday ran into some loose barbed wire near Henry Siebert’s place, and one horse was fearfully mangled by barbed wire. The poor animal was brought to Freeland’s livery stable, where its awful wounds were attended to as best they could be.

S.D. Clark, the boss blacksmith, was severely injured in the hand last Saturday. While sharpening a scythe on an emery wheel, the blade slipped in some way, cutting his hand fearfully.

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