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june 29, 1888

A week or so ago we noted the visit of five of the Faculty of the Kansas State University in Lawrence to make thorough, scientific tests of the waters of Marion’s Chingawasa Springs. They have been making an analysis of the mineral springs and say that Marion will become a famous health resort which will be a rival to the hot springs of Arkansas and the Colorado springs.

Marion’s telephone system has been obliterated by the Bell monopoly. This is the monopoly in which that great reformer, Attorney General Garland, of the Cleveland anti-monopoly administration, is the chief factor.

Stanford & Son have put down a well at their hardware corner, for the accommodation of farmers. That’s business.

Under the laws of this state, none but licensed pharmacists are allowed to sell poison of any kind. We publish this item for the benefit of many of our merchants who are unknowingly laying themselves liable to a fine by selling insect and vermin powders and fly paper which are poisonous.

Mr. Allen, of the firm of Prescott & Allen, Topeka plumbers, has been here all the week finishing the plumbing of the Y.M.C.A. building. Their contract includes two large bath tubs, two shower baths, wash basins, etc.

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