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july 27, 1888

In a few weeks, the new Y.M.C.A. building is to be dedicated. Every resident of the city is certainly proud of this fine structure, and all are doubtless anxious to show in some substantial manner their appreciation of it.

We hear that four or five horses were killed by lightning in the northern part of this county Monday night including two belonging to soldiers camped that night, we believe, near Lincolnville.

Our business manager accepted an invitation from Mr. John O. Wheeler, last Friday, to take a boat ride on the Cottonwood river, and enjoyed it very much. Mr. Wheeler, as the RECORD has heretofore stated, has made several fine new boats, which he keeps for sale or rent. They are named, respectively, Marion Queen, Clipper and Daisy, with a capacity of twelve, six and three persons in the order named.

Superintendent Riddle informs us that owing to the coal strike and consequent scarcity of fuel, the Marion electric lights will only burn to half past ten for a few evenings, or until a new supply of coal can be secured.

Justice Baxter’s court was enlivened by a novel case Monday involving two large families from the country and four ducks. The ducks disturbed the neighbors and were taken up and held for damages, which the owners refused to pay. We think there should be a compromise, which awards us the ducks and the feathers to the lawyers.

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