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september 7, 1888

The Marion public schools will begin Sept. 10 and patrons are earnestly requested to send in their children the first day so that they may be assigned to their respective grades, and properly classified. All pupils are required to bring the books, pencils, etc., necessary for the work in their respective grades. All non-resident pupils will be required to pay the usual tuition fee.

The city building proposition was defeated Monday by four majority.

Parties wishing to make arrangements for ice during the remainder of summer will find me at my old stand in the basement rooms of the Buchanan building. This ice is perfectly clear and pure, being taken from the Cottonwood River above the drainage of the city. H.S. HUTCHINSON.

The Peabody Fair is in progress this week, and is attracting a good many Marion people, as usual. The militia boys have received nice new uniforms, and will probably go over to the fair this week, rigged out in their bright new dress.

George L. Piper, M.D., proprietor of the mineral springs, says they now have the sanitarium fitted up ready for treatment of all chronic diseases, such as rheumatism, dropsy, paralysis, skin and blood diseases, kidney and liver complaints, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, catarrh and nervous and general debility.

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