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september 14, 1988

As announced last week, W.F. Hoch has been succeeded as business manager of the RECORD by Mr. B.C. Hastings. E.W. Hoch will remain at the editorial helm. The new firm will be known as Hoch & Hastings.

Mr. Festus Giddings exhibited some bricks in town Monday, recently made at his farm a few miles south of Marion, which were superior to any Kansas-made bricks we have ever seen. Mr. Giddings has on his farm inexhaustible beds of an ochre substance which chemists have pronounced a good mineral paint, and which has been used considerably for paint purposes. It is from this substance that Mr. Giddings made the brick. He burned a kiln of 20,000 as a test, and it seems to us his success may be made of great value not alone to him but to our city and county.

A gentleman from Newton has about made up his mind to start a steam laundry in Marion.

The incandescent dynamo “flew the track” last week, necessitating considerable repairs, and compelling the numerous patrons of these beautiful lights to go back for a few days and maybe weeks to the old, dim, glimmering lamps. Patience friends, patience.

Another old soldier has crossed the river. Alexander Newman, formerly of Company G, 5th Kansas Cavalry, died in this city last Saturday night, aged nearly 48 years. He was buried with G.A.R. honors, Sunday afternoon.

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