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0ct0ber 5, 1888

Something should be done to help the working men of Marion to tide over the hard times and get through the winter. And, if this city ever intends to spend any money for public purposes, for street improvements, for a new school house, for exploration into the bowels of the earth, or for anything else, no better time than right now can be found to begin. Towns are like individuals. Those that “rustle” get there, and those that sit supinely down, waiting Macawber-like, for something to turn up, get left. Let’s get a move on.

At the regular meeting of the Board of Education, it was ordered that a new teacher, at a salary of $40 per month, be provided. This is a commendable move, since some of the rooms are very crowded.

The First National did more business last Saturday and Monday than in any other two days in its successful history. The deposits alone amounted to $30,000.

The old part of the court house has been reshingled.

Ex-Governor Osborn offers a fine flag to the county returning the largest increase in its Republican majority. Why shouldn’t Marion take it in?

There will be sold to highest bidder on Main street, Saturday, October 6, at 2 p.m., clothing, trunks, etc., left at Elgin Hotel.

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