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october 12, 1888

One of the most enthusiastic and soul-searching public demonstrations the writer has attended in Marion county was the Grand Republican Rally held at Peabody last Saturday, October 6.

Marion is afflicted something like the United States Treasury—with a surplus. Ours, however, is a surplus of dogs. We hope the Marshal will continue to reduce the surplus.

We had the pleasure last week of making the acquaintance of Mr. Harvey Thompson, of Illinois, who was here with his wife visiting his brother-in-law, Mr. Sisk. Mr. Thompson voted for Wm. Henry Harrison in 1840, and like all the rest of that grand old company of patriots now living, is proud of that vote, and expects to vote for Ben Harrison this year. He says Illinois will go Republican by an immense majority.

A case of scarlet fever having been discovered in town Wednesday, the School Board decided to be on the safe side and so dismissed school for the remainder of the week.

John L. Sullivan, the great pugilist, is dying. The doctors say whisky has destroyed the coating of his stomach. Red liquor will knock the strongest of ’em out of the ring, and don’t you forget it.

In the October crop report Kansas, with an average yield or winter wheat of 14.7 bushels per acre, stands second. Oregon, with an average of 16.3, being first. Not so bad after all.

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