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december 9, 1888

This isn’t a good time to take the turkey census. Surviving turkeys can now have a little thanksgiving of their own.

A fine Harrison and Morton boy has arrived at the home of our friend Greeley Kyle.

The owner of a large, fat hog can get it by calling on A. Stonestreet, on Brewerton’s ranch, near Marion, and paying costs.

Main Street is being greatly improved with crossings. The new one across from Stanford’s to Steiner’s is especially gratifying.

Mr. J.F. Knapp, one of Marion’s recent acquisitions, has rented the west room of Wenzell Schmidt’s building and will at once open a nice line of staple and fancy groceries therein. He is a pleasant gentleman.

Judge C.E. Foote mysteriously disappeared from his office last week, and to all inquiries as to his whereabouts, his deputy shook his head and kept mum. The Judge reappeared, however, last Wednesday, returning from Indiana with a beautiful young bride, in the person of Miss Lina Dillon, who is quite well known here, and highly esteemed. The Record tenders congratulations.

Harry Richter was elected to the State Senate from the district composed of Morris, Marion and Chase counties by 2,000 majority. His opponent was Mr. Drinkwater and the Democrats couldn’t stand that name.

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