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december 16, 1888

Commencing January 2, 1889, the banking houses of Marion, Kansas, will be open for business between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., legal holidays excepted. Cottonwood Valley National Bank, Levi Billings, President, and First National Bank, Wm. H. Dudley, President.

Mr. Louis Kieferle, of Elk, was married to Miss Sophie Heller, at Dillon, Dickinson County, on Nov. 29. It’s a little late but we tender congratulation all the same.

The Gazette records a sad death in Peabody, from peculiar causes. Mrs. Alta Baker came down from Topeka to visit her father, Rev. J.A. Heagy, and in order to surprise him walked out to his place, carrying her three months babe in her arms. In doing this, she over-exerted herself, was thrown into pneumonia, and in a few days was a corpse.

Mr. J.M.Wishart returned in good health and spirits last week from Canada where he has been for the past five months in the interest of his celebrated patented gasoline sad iron. He succeeded in enlisting prominent capitalists of the Dominion and a large manufactory is now being erected in a section richly underlaid with iron ore and other minerals. Mr. Wishart feels confident he has struck a bonanza, and we hope he has.

Old croakers to the contrary notwithstanding, the Record ventures to predict that the year 1889 will be one of the most prosperous in the history of Marion.

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