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january 25, 1889

Social circles at Lehigh have had their hearts palpitate with pleasure recently over the marriage of A.J. Smith, one of Lehigh’s most prominent businessmen, to Miss May C. Bernhardt. The wedding was held at the schoolhouse and a host of friends witnessed the happy event.

An enjoyable party was indulged in at the residence of Mr. Wishart, on last Friday evening, given by Claude to a large number of his young friends.

Next Saturday a week (Feb.2) there will be a general round up for wolves, jack rabbits, and the like at Lincolnville. The boys expect at least two hundred people to take part. The affair will be safe, as no firearms will be allowed; only clubs.

New names for Kansas:—“The sugar bowl of the World,” the salt cellar of the Universe, The coal bin of the Future, The Fountain of Perpetual Youth (mineral wells), and the Garden of Eden.

Jake Doty, living near Youngtown, was kicked by a horse on Tuesday, smashing his cheek bone and breaking his nose. He was frightfully mutilated and his face will always retain the marks of disfiguration. Dr. Hannaford is attending him.

The development of the stone resources is the topic of consideration of a number of our businessmen. Kansas City parties have begun to get interested in this subject and are pleased with the prospect.

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