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february 1, 1889

Kansas, on last Tuesday, celebrated her twenty-eighth birthday, or rather the anniversary of her adoption into the sisterhood of States. She dates her Statehood from Jan. 29, 1861, just at the beginning of the civil war. Her devotion to that emblem of loyalty, truth and purity — the starry flag — caused her to send 21, 806 of her brave sons to fight for the cause of the Union. She thus gave more in proportion to her population that any other State in the Union.

It is understood that a number of enterprising citizens have formed a company for building a railway to certain quarries and Chingawasa Springs. It only remains to ascertain the best method of effecting these results.

Dr. Hannaford removed three tumors from the back of John Bitner, Monday, one of which was as large as a man’s fist.

The Capital-Commonwealth says that Representative Brewer presented to the Legislature the most voluminous petition that has yet been presented. It contains 710 signatures of the citizens of Marion county, protesting against the separation of West Branch township from this county. Of course, the people kick against such a measure, and of course Mr. Steele’s bill will be defeated.

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