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february 8, 1889

Report of District. No. 112 for the month ending Jan. 25th. Number of pupils enrolled, 32. Average daily attendance, 8.725. Average daily absence, 7.3. Number of minutes lost through tardiness, 240. Average age of pupils, 8.15. Names of pupils neither absent or tardy: Nettie Hutchens, Noel Wellborn, Homer Wellborn, Leta Waterman, Agnes Hutchens, Katie Link, Tena Link, Adolf Teichman. Minnie E. Wright, teacher.

The long talked of wolf round up at Lincolnville came off last Saturday, and was a success.

We notice by the Capital papers that there has been chartered the Marion Mining and Prospective Company with capital stock of $10,000. J.M. Young, W.W. Case, Wm. Kellison, Levi Billings and Jno. F. Carter constitute the directors.

A party of fifty ladies pulverized a saloon building in Nebraska and caused whiskey and beer freely to flow in the gutter. Meanwhile the loungers slunked home. Coal was the projectiles used.

A great amount of stone is being hauled now a days. Kellett has nineteen teams employed in hauling “rip-rap” for the Rock Island. We still maintain that we have unbounded wealth in our stone industries.

We have been asked when the new school building, which was to give employment to idle men, is to be begun. We do not know but would like to, and a question concerning the buildings for the poor farm is similarly answered.

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