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march 15, 1889

Marion can be made the most popular health and pleasure resort in the west. It has all the natural elements — location, scenery, mineral waters of rare medicinal merits, etc. All that is necessary is money and enterprise. We say again for the hundredth time, that these advantages are enough, if properly developed, to make Marion the biggest and best town in central Kansas. We have hopes that the new motor line railroad to Chingawasa is the drawing of this development. Let us all believe it is and help make it so.

Scholars neither absent nor tardy in the month of February are Agnes Good, Catharine Good, Walter Ziehl, Charles Sanders, Effie Sanders, Jacob C. Good and Bartlet Sanders. Number of scholars enrolled, 58, average attendance, 47.

Our friend J.F. Knapp’s business has so increased that he is now building a north addition to his store.

The Board of Education opened the bids for the erection of our new city school house Tuesday. And, after thoroughly considering the various bids, let the contract to Mr. H.C. Kable, of this city, at $9,600. This is a guarantee that the work will be well done, for Henry Kable is a very superior and very conscientious workman.

A great many ladies have attended the Sayre trial this week. Over 20 were in attendance Wednesday afternoon and evening.

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