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june 14, 1889

The annual State Bible School, under the auspices of the Young Men’s Christian Association of Kansas, is now in session in this city. There are over 100 already in attendance, and every train brings acquisitions to the number. The attendants are camped in Billings’ Park. Some 60 tents are on the ground, nearly all of them floored. There is a large tent capable of seating several hundred people. One end of this is used for the dining hall the other for devotional and other meetings. Adjoining this, a large temporary kitchen has been erected, where the meals are cooked. A finer body of people than these visitors never came to Marion.

The editor of this paper has been trying awful hard to get his home place cleared of weeds etc., so as to be able to pitch into other people whose premises are foul with rank growths of the kind, but things grow so fast this season that by the time we get around, the point of beginning is as bad as when we begun, and so we’ll have to postpone our regular howl, “down with the weeds.”

Lincolnville will have a grand Fourth of July celebration in Mr. Ed Deal’s beautiful grove. Everybody is invited to spend the day.

Among those attending the Bible school are two young Comanche Indians, students from the Indian school at Lawrence.

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