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june 21, 1889

The State Bible School which has been in session in this city for the past ten days closes today. It has been a great success. The attendance has been large and nearly all parts of the state represented. A finer body of young men and young women never honored a Kansas town with a visit.

It seems to be pretty generally agreed that Marion is to have no Fourth of July celebration this year, but will “scatter out” and help her neighbors do the eagle act, and then when the Marion Belt & Chingawasa Railroad is completed, we will have a grand rip-snorting, two-shows-under-one-tent time of it, and invite all mankind and womankind to come and take a hand in the grand combined colossal, aggregated exhibition, or words to that effect.

Marion County sent twelve of her studious children to the State University this school year just past, ranking third in the enrollment. Douglas and Shawnee, both very populous counties, gave 172 and 22 respectively.

Mr. John Barthell is manufacturing some fine cigars at this establishment opposite Loveless and Sacket’s store. Johnnie is a fine workman in this field, as most lovers of the weed can testify.

A force of hands is at work at Chingawasa Springs “fixing up” that pretty and popular resort.

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