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june 28, 1889

A more unique and fascinating entertainment than the Trades Display at the Opera House, Wednesday evening, has it seldom been our lot to attend. The Young Women’s Christian Association won new laurels in this their latest and best effort to please, while augmenting their Y.M.C.A. building-furnishing fund.

While on a short trip through the country west of Marion, last Saturday, we beheld the finest fields of wheat, oats and corn, we ever laid eyes on. The yield will be immense. Such broad acres of wheat, just turning a sunset glow, such massive stalks of oats, a man’s height tall, with long, well filled heads, richly hued corn, healthful and promising, truly the harvest will be plenteous.

The City Council has taken steps to have the water mains removed from the stone arch bridge. This is right and we hope the authorities will not “let up” till the mains are removed. They should never have been allowed to be placed there in the first place. The frequent leaking of the mains is certainly a source of danger to the bridge. At any rate, Marion cannot afford to run risks in the matter. The county has $7,000 invested in that bridge, the township $5,000, and the city seems to be the legal, as it is the moral custodian of those interests. It should be true to the trust. Besides, the bridge is a source of especial pride to every citizen of the city. Any accident to it would be a calamity to the town, infinitely greater than the actual cash value of the damage done.

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