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july 12, 1889

The Gala Day Coming

It is the design of the managers of the Marion Belt & Chingawasa Springs Railroad enterprise, and the owners of the Chingawasa Springs and Park, to have a series of excursions on the new road leading out from Marion, beginning on the 25th of this month and continuing daily for a week. In addition to the ten acres of ground originally included in the Springs property, the Company has purchased sixty acres of surrounding land, largely woodland, which is being cleared up and put into presentable shape. Foot bridges are being constructed across the various streams, the numerous springs, mineral and ordinary, are being fixed up, ground has been broken for a combined depot and eating house, 50x100 feet in dimensions, and other improvements are being made for the adornment of the place, and for the comfort and pleasure of the vast concourse of people expected there during the opening week.

Col. Hobiltzel, of the Peabody brick manufactory, was over Tuesday and showed us some fine specimens of brick from clay taken from Dr. Hannaford’s place. They are almost exactly the same color as the celebrated Milwaukee brick—a dark cream color and nearly as hard as flint. We believe that clay would make a fine vitrified brick for paving purposes—the coming paving of the world.

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