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august 16, 1889

Webster says the chigre (chigger) belongs to the pulex penetrans family, and a classical exchange says its real name is trombedium holesericcum. It has name enough to kill it but at last accounts, it wasn’t dead.

One of the liveliest and most interesting games of base ball of the season was played at Chingawasa Wednesday, between the “hill” and “bottom” boys, of Marion, and the result of the game maintained the significance of the respective names, by a score of 9 to 29. But the “bottom” boys say the “hill” fellows can’t do it again, and have already arranged with their antagonists to try it again next Wednesday afternoon when it is expected some tall playing will be done.

A great deal has been said in Kansas newspapers about fine views from various points in the State, but if our brethren could all take a ride on the Marion Belt & Chingawasa Springs railroad on its western division and look out from the cars as they climb the hill northwest of Marion, they would unanimously conclude, we think, that that scene eclipses them all. It is indescribably beautiful and grand.

The RECORD exhorts the farmers who trade in Marion to be patient awhile longer in regard to hitching posts. Everything cannot be done at once. A petition was extensively signed last week asking that posts be erected on the side streets, but investigation seems to show that this would not meet the requirements, and it is now believed that iron posts, neatly arranged and nicely painted, will be put on Main street.

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