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october 25, 1889

A peddler selling groceries from samples worked Chase county recently, but when the goods arrived, the poor dupes who purchased them found themselves badly swindled. Served them right. Better patronize legitimate merchants, your own home men.

Postmaster Lewis keeps putting on city airs in his establishment. His latest advance is an hour stamp, which marks the exact time of mailing and receiving matter. Fred is making a mighty fine Postmaster. He takes pride in the establishment and in the business, and is furnishing the city a post office which is a credit to Marion and to him.

The meanest varmint in Kansas entered poor, sick Dick Malone’s home through a window last Friday night and stole his best coat and his little girl’s breast pin. If the rascal is caught he should be whipped half to death. No other punishment would meet his case.

Times can’t be very hard, or Marion county girls are getting awful proud, or they don’t care much for an education, or something of that sort. Marion possesses splendid school facilities, and the Record has been offering in behalf of some excellent families a chance for young ladies to earn their board while attending school, but only one or two have applied for the places. Yet some of the best women in the world, yes, some of the best in this town, obtained their schooling in this way, and they are not ashamed of it either. They are proud of it.

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