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november 1, 1889

Last night was Halloween, a relic of pagan times, when spirits were supposed to indulge in special nocturnal wanderings. It occurs on the eve of All Saints’ Day (Nov. 1), the day which commemorates the conversion of the Pantheon in Rome, more than a thousand years ago, into a Christian temple. In modern times, Halloween is an occasion annually appropriated by mischievous boys and men for the removal of signs, gates, and other portable things, and for the perpetration of other pranks which wouldn’t be tolerated any other time.

It is expected that the new schoolhouse, or a part of it, at least, will be occupied by the school next Monday.

The courthouse will be kept open all next Tuesday night and well warmed, so that those wishing to hear the election returns can make headquarters there.

The rain and thunder storm Tuesday evening nearly spoiled the oyster supper at Mr. Dudley’s as to number—(number of people, we mean, not number of oysters) but those who braved the storm had a good time, and lots of oysters.

Messrs. Knapp & Scott have removed their grocery to the stone building opposite Wheeler Bros. store where they hope to be followed by all the old customers of the house, and found by lots of new ones.

Our farmer friend, John Garrison, brought us five Irish potatoes Tuesday which weighed seven pounds and a half. One of them weighed two pounds and was eight inches long and eleven inches in circumference.

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