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MEMORIES: 125 years ago

William Wise and Annie L. Defoe celebrated the New Year by getting married, Judge Foote tying the knot. Now, that was Wise, wasn’t it!

Charley Willard showed us a little piece of his handiwork, the other day, which is unique. It is a vase made of several colors of wood, beautifully blended. What Charley can’t make out of wood it is hardly worthwhile anyone else trying.

A correspondent in today’s RECORD tells of perhaps the most valuable Christmas gathering held in the State—the family reunion of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kellison, of this city, with their children, at the residence of Lafe Kellison, “up the Muddy,’ or as the RECORD would say, “Up the Luta.” Uncle Will Kellison, who like Uncle Sam is able to “give us all a farm,” opened his heart and handed each of his four children an envelope containing a deed to valuable lands, aggregating in value nearly thirteen thousand dollars! That was a handsome thing for Uncle Will and his estimable wife to do, now wasn’t it?

B.E. Shreve, one of Marion’s pioneers and supposed to be an incorrigible old bachelor, has surrendered at last, and was married the last day of the year to Maggie B. Drake, of this city. Well, “Lish,” here’s to your health and happiness.

At Alex Christie’s drawing Wednesday, ticket number 727 drew the fine gold watch, and 506 the handsome dressing case. Miss Carrie Sacket held the last named ticket, but the holder of the lucky 727 is as yet unknown.

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