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march 14, 1890

Some smart aleck blew a false fire alarm with the Chingawasa whistle for half an hour last Sunday night. This is the second offense of this kind, and it has ceased to be a joke. In a town like this, where the safety of property depends so largely upon the promptness and efforts of the people, deceiving them in this way and thus cultivating indifference on their part, is little less than criminal.

Mr. A.N. Allison, a prominent pioneer farmer, who owns one of the finest farms on the Doyle, was in town Wednesday.

Gillis Walton, who, by the way, is an expert draughtsman, is drawing plans for a new Mennonite church to be erected in Marion at once. It is to be built on Washington street, we understand. These good people, including the Ehrlichs, are quite numerous in this vicinity, and can furnish a large congregation. We congratulate them upon deciding to erect a house of worship of their own, and commend them to the liberal assistance and hearty encouragement of all our people in their laudable enterprise.

The RECORD maintains a lively interest in all the “formerly of Marion” folks and tries to keep its home readers posted about them. This week we are pleased to announce the information of joy in the households of Kirk Glover, in California, and Geo. Roberts, in Colorado, over recent acquisitions to their respective families.

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