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april 18, 1890

The wind has caused a good deal of damage from fire in the Elk community lately. Three fires broke out within three miles of Elk last Friday, one burning 200 apple trees for James Kelso and another burnt all of old Mr. Kieferle’s grape vines and garden shrubbery, a lot of his apple trees and considerable hedge. His house, hay, corn etc. barely escaping. Another fire on Stubby creek burnt up all of Eld. Holman’s hay, a lot of corn, one hog, his stable, and came very near burning his house. The two last fires originated from men burning corn stalks. This certainly ought to be a warning for men to use a little more judgment on windy days.

Marion City School Notes

Arbor Day was duly observed in the afternoon of the 10th inst, in planting out trees and shrubbery on the school grounds at each of the buildings.

The senior class of the high school planted a class tree, at the root of which they deposited a glass jar containing a paper on which was written the names of the members of the class and their teachers.

The junior class in like manner planted a class tree.

Several of the trees planted received names in honor of some of the great men of our country Franklin, Washington and Harrison were among those thus honored.

Several of the pupils in lower as well as the higher grades honored their teachers by naming trees for them.

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