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may 9, 1890

The statistical returns come in slowly but enough is known to make it evident that the population of the county will fall under twenty thousand, thus reducing the salary of several of the county officers. The Treasurer will drop from $4,000 to $3,000 and the County Clerk from $2,500 to $2,000.

Mr. John F. Carter, having leased the Elgin hotel, took charge of it Tuesday. This will be good news to the people of Marion and to the traveling public. It is a fine house, and Mr. and Mrs. Carter are admirably adopted to the business. We bespeak for them the active encouragement of our people, and trust they will make the hotel what it ought to be—the most popular hotel in central Kansas.

The blue-jay made its first appearance this season, last week. So far as we are concerned, they might have postponed their coming indefinitely without regret. To our ornithological way of thinking the blue-jay and the English sparrow are the rattle snakes of the bird creation.

Another runaway team dashed up Main street last Friday, at a break-neck speed. It is wonderful how these things occur so often without some one getting hurt. In this case, there came very near being a serious accident. Mrs. Dr. Rogers was passing along the sidewalk with her baby buggy on the west end of Main street when the frantic team suddenly turned out of the road and ran in front of her, missing the baby buggy but a foot or so.

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