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may 30, 1890

An intelligent and appreciative audience filled the Opera House Wednesday evening to witness the ever interesting exercises of school graduations. Afterward, the graduating class repaired at once with a large number of their friends to that magnificent place for such gatherings, the Y.M.C.A. building, where the Alumni Association had kindly prepared a feast for the physical and mental man, and where an hour or two was pleasantly spent in eating, speech making, social chit-chat, etc.

Another prodigal has returned. Walter Sharp has come back from Colorado. Walter is Sharp.

Mr. and Mrs. Loveless and District Clerk Brooker could not stand the cheap rate temptation, and hied themselves away to Colorado Monday.

We know of a young woman who wants to work for her board while attending Institute.

The RECORD has failed to mention the new combination lock boxes put in the Post office by P.M. Lewis. Then Fred makes too many improvements in that splendid office for one paper to note them all.

Wallace & Co’s show, which exhibited in Marion, last Saturday attracted an immense crowd. The street parade was creditable, and the show itself, we understand, more than ordinarily meritorious. The balloon ascension, even, “went off” as advertised, and was a thrilling scene.

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