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june 27, 1890

Come to Marion on the Fourth and enjoy a grand, good, old-fashioned time. Big crowd, big attractions, big tent, big show, big balloon, big dinner, big day all around.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is to be performed at Marion on the Fourth, in a mammoth tent, by a traveling troupe.

Farmers who attend the Fourth of July celebration at Marion can leave their baskets and other baggage at the stand for that purpose on the grounds, where checks will be given for them. The committee will be responsible for them.

Two families of Ponca Indians passed through Marion last Saturday from Nebraska on their way to the Indian Territory.

The wheat crop is fine, the oats ditto, corn promising, vegetable and fruit ditto. Why shouldn’t we be thankful and happy? “Praise God from who all blessings flow.”

A railroad ride out to Chingawasa to get a breath of the balmy air out there, a quaff of mineral water and a good meal at Mrs. Calhoun’s hotel is an excellent way to spend the dinner hour and fifty cents.

We reckon it is the Bozeman brothers we are indebted to for a delightful serenade last Saturday night. The music was indescribably sweet and the harmony perfect. The Bozeman brothers are accomplished musicians, as well as clever fellows.

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