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august 8, 1890

Kennler, the New York paramour murderer, was executed by electricity Wednesday morning. It was the first official execution, by that method in history.

Little Cal Shanklin, the five year old son of Mr. Will Shanklin, living north of Marion, fell through a hay rack, Tuesday, and the wagon ran over his right arm, breaking it close to the elbow. Dr. Hannaford is attending him.

W.C. Reiff is doing a rustling business in making pension claims for old soldiers, soldier widows, etc., under the new law. He is a reliable man. If you are an old soldier, you had better consult him at once. Office north of the court house.

Mr. Pierce and Mr. Bozeman, proprietors of the Cottonwood Roller Mills, went to Kansas City last week to purchase an engine for their mill, made necessary by the great increase of business. They bought a 55-horsepower engine, and will soon have it in operation.

J.R. Westbrook wants us to say that if the citizens of Marion don’t cut the weeds in the city, Aulne Alliance will have to come in and do it for them.

The customary carelessness of the average cigar smoker came near causing the destruction of the opera house last week. Someone threw a lighted cigar on the floor in Fox & Powers office, but for a fortunate discovery in time, the fire it started would probably have cleaned out the block.

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