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august 15, 1890

A horse ran away with Miss Amanda Dody, the seventeen year old daughter of Mr. William Dody of Grant township Wednesday evening dragging her along a barb-wire fence, fearfully mangling one leg. Dr. Hannaford was called and found immediate amputation of the limb below the knee necessary, performed the operation successfully, the girl bravely bearing the ordeal, and giving promise of surviving the awful accident.

Frank Penland has been a Kansas farmer 25years and this year is the first that he has tried wheat. He put in eight acres with the following result. It measured 333 bushels by machine measurement. He brought four sacks to town and weighed it and found that it overran six pounds to the bushel. He was offered 78 cents a bushel for it.

Mr. A.E. Case makes no pretensions as a draughtsman, but he is quite skillful in that line, all the same. He has recently made a plat of the Marion cemetery, which he has framed and hung up in his office, and which is certainly a fine piece of work.

Father Kelsey called Wednesday to suggest that many parts of Marion, particularly Third street, would be greatly improved in appearance if the weeds were cut down. He thinks it ought to be done before the camp meeting brings so many strangers to town As usual, father Kelsey is right.

Several persons have been fined, the past week, for jumping on the Chingawasa train while in motion, contrary to the ordinance in such cases.

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