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november 14, 1890

The RECORD enters upon its twentieth volume this week. As we have frequently explained, the paper is one year older than its volume indicates having been started in the Fall of 1870, over twenty years ago.

Of course, Will Hannaford found that colt. He advertised for it in the RECORD.

A lot of Indians, claiming to be Omahas, were in town Tuesday, begging as usual.

A Marion merchant said to us the other day that farmers were now paying more old debts and buying more for cash than they have been doing for ten years.

The foreman in this office would like to get several loads of cobs. Bring ’em in, right away, quick!

Mr. W.A.L. Iloff, a very pleasant gentleman, is instructing a class of about thirty persons in penmanship, in the High school building, and appears to be giving good satisfaction.

It beats all what a big year this has been for big beats. We thought the Republican beat was large enough in most of the States, but our friend J.W. Price brought us a beet from his place the other day which beats ’em all. It measured twenty-five inches in circumference.

If somebody would bring us a right good load of hay on subscription, we would like to get it. But if you love us, don’t bring any poor stuff.

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