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december 12, 1890

Joe Young is in Pennsylvania with a car load of horses, for which we understand he is not finding a remarkably good market.

The Presbyterian ladies made a decided success of their Mrs. Jarley’s Wax Works and Sunflower Chorus in the Opera House Tuesday evening. Mrs. Willard Davis personated Mrs. Jarley and developed a remarkable fund of unusual humor. Mrs. Jarley’s collection of wax figures were immense and were well portrayed by local people.

Our good friend Ainsworth raised an average of fifty-two bushels of corn per acre this year. Pretty good for a failure, wasn’t it.

The County Treasurer made a tax receipt last week for Wm. Scully, the great alien land owner, which covered over 350 land descriptions, 55,000 acres, and amounted to $7595.74. It is always paid in cash.

Our friend John Powers is the pardonably proud papa of a nice little girl.

The oil paintings which are on exhibition on the east wall of the post office, were executed by Marion’s gifted and accomplished young artist, Miss Lenore Doster, who is now in New York, prosecuting her art studies. These pictures are worthy to adorn any home.

Clum Williams was in Atlanta, Georgia, during Thanksgiving weekend. The W.C.T.U. was in session at the time, and he had the privilege of hearing the queen of American orators, Miss Frances E. Willard, and other noted lady speakers.

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