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january 23, 1891

The ground hog will soon settle the weather question.

Mrs. J.S. Dean and Mrs. J.H. Hoch introduce a new social feature to-day—a noon day lunch or mid-day dinner for the entertainment of lady friends.

When Main Street was macadamized, the editor of the Record, who was reared in a land of hard, blue flint macadam roads, expressed grave doubts as to the wisdom of Marion attempting to do without crossings. We are now in a good position to say “I told you so.” The fifteen hundred dollar surveyor knew it all, however, and his very valuable advice was followed by the council, quite naturally. They are not to blame. The street is fine most of the year but there will frequently be times like the present when crossings will be sadly needed.

Mr. West, our chief ice man, has put up about four hundred tons of ice, varying from four to eight inches in thickness.

Much of the great snow which fell on New Year’s Day remains piled up in heaps here and there, and yet there has hardly been a day since then when it was unpleasant to be out of doors. The weather has been very mild, even warm some days. The roads, however, have been sloppy nearly all the month.

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