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february 13, 1891

Mesdames J.N. Rogers, S.P. Bown, W.A. Sanford and A. Christie give a sort of continuous reception to their lady friends this afternoon and evening. It will undoubtedly be THE social event of the season.

Will Maltby met with a painful accident while at work in the quarry Tuesday afternoon. A large stone rolled down and struck him on the ankle from the rear, badly spraining the leg and foot but breaking no bones, we believe.

Sunday night was the coldest of the season, but the thermometer lacked a few degrees of reaching zero even then. So far, this has been one of the mildest winters on record, which is saying a great deal in sunny Kansas where such winters are the rule.

Another worthy old soldier has received a share of his long delayed desserts. Mr. Geo. S. Town, of this city, has been awarded a pension of ten dollars a month, chiefly through the effort of that indefatigable worker and honest farmer, Hon. Harrison Kelley.

Another raid was made this week on the Florence joints. County Attorney Carpenter and Sheriff Davis have been pulling them by the wholesale, including the irrepressible Mrs. Crotty.

Mr. W.R. West has already begun his regular annual setting of forest trees for our citizens—chiefly elms.

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