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april 24, 1891

Marion is well officered.

A car load of stone, detached from the engine on the Chingawasa road, broke its mooring in some way at the Hannaford quarry Monday, and came tearing down grade at a frightful rate of speed and never let up until it struck the up grade on Third Street. Conductor Greene was on the car at the time and he never took a mile ride like that and never wants to again.

Mr. G.T. Riley, the popular and efficient pharmacist with Taylor Riddle, has bought the Charley Whitaker residence on Third Street and moved into it.

Eld Harry has bought the Hunter place on the hill—a very desirable location.

Company G of this city held an interesting meeting Tuesday evening when W.D. McBurney was elected Second Lieutenant. Will is a soldierly young man and deservedly popular in the Company, as elsewhere where he is known. His election caused promotion all along the line. Sergeant Harry Hannaford will hereafter be First Sergeant. Corporals Willard Wood and Silas Hamilton are now Fifth and Sixth Sergeants. The Corporals are 1st, Frank DeLay; 2nd, Pete Hoffman; 3rd, Hilie Young; 4th, unselected. George Hannaford of the Record force is treasurer of the Company. Capt. Fred Lewis is pardonably proud of his new officers, and also of all of the boys.

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