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September 11, 1891

The militia boys, who went in company capacity to the Hope reunion, last week, report a royal reception and a glorious good time generally. They were completely captivated by our neighboring city.

District Court is in session. District courts, as a rule, however, are tame affairs in prohibition states.

The first Marion County man we ever saw, we met under peculiar circumstances. Time, the spring of ’72. Place, Pawnee Rock, Barton county. We were one of a little colony of tenderfeet located out there on the prairie. One evening a wagon drove up and the driver handed us a note. It was from our brother Will and John F. Carter, who had pulled out from camp and found a better location in Marion county, and had sent this man and his team to haul us and our things thisward. During that wagon ride covering several days we “warmed” to him, our first Marion county acquaintance, who is a deserving old soldier, a successful farmer, a loyal Baptist, an enthusiastic orchardist, a good citizen and the next sheriff of Marion county, Mr. M.H. Dawson.

Messrs Foote & Kuhn have issued a pocket pamphlet containing the name and township and post office address of every voter in Marion county. It is a book every business man and politician in the county will find valuable. They only ask two dollars for the book.

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