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september 25, 1891

Mrs. C.C. Hett brought us some old fashioned Blue Damsons, Monday—from the Salser place—the first we have seen in Kansas. They hung on limbs as thick as grapes, which they greatly represented.

Mr. Wm. Gray of Wilson township, a gentleman widely known and highly esteemed, was the victim of a runaway Wednesday afternoon, sustaining painful injuries. Dr. Rogers is attending him.

Nick Hett, son of Henry Hett, while oiling the horse power to a threshing machine last Tuesday afternoon, had his hand caught in the gearing and so badly crushed that it was necessary to amputate the arm about half way between the elbow and the shoulder.

Ambrose Cubbage, his little boy, and Dr. Hannaford’s employee, Millard Zimmerman, were thrown from a buggy and more or less injured last Friday, near J.H. Hoch’s blacksmith shop by a fractious team which ran down the Billings hill at a great speed.

Mr. A.E. Case recently showed us some pears raised on his residence premises. He sent them to the State Fair. He has received a letter stating the pears arrived too late for entry, but had been properly labeled and displayed and were the biggest on the grounds.

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