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november 20, 1891

Our citizens were surprised and shocked Monday morning to learn that, unknown to nearly all of them, a house within the limits of this city had, while they slept, been burned to ashes, and a human being, an old man well known to most of them, had perished in the flames. The victim was old Mr. Olne Perkins, who lived alone in a small house in the southwestern part of the city.

Oysters will be served by the Christian ladies at their Thanksgiving dinner and supper next Thursday.

Two more worthy old soldiers have been made happy—Dave Powell and Harmon Oao, of Grant township. The former gets an original pension of $19, with back pay for sixteen months, and the latter gets an increase from $5 to $12.

A strange-acting tramp, who had been hanging around town for a week or two, living in the woods, was arraigned before Probate Judge Greer and a jury Monday and examined for insanity. His mental unsoundness could not be thoroughly and satisfactorily established, and he was furnished a railroad pass and sent on his way rejoicing.

Corn, potatoes, apples, wood, cobs, hay, fowls, or most anything in the way of food for stock or food or fuel for man is a legal tender, a medium of exchange at the Record ranche. Nothing small about us except our salary.

The finder of an endgate will confer a great favor upon the owner of the wagon from which it was lost by leaving it at this office.

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