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december 11, 1891

Alex Wilson, a fine young man, by the way, left Tuesday to spend a few weeks’ vacation in his old Pennsylvania home. He wouldn’t admit that his mission was of a matrimonial nature, but a good many Marion girls feel very uneasy about it, all the same.

Fourteen men of School District. 41, “Morning Star,” met on the school ground Tuesday and proceeded to grade and improve the grounds. They did a good job. Now they have as fine a school and as well located as any in the county.

Some fellow, with more cheek than the proverbial government mule or the legendary brass monkey, went around town last week distributing circulars for a Kansas City whisky house. He even had the gall to take the circulars to private residences. Is there no limit to the liberty of these Missouri scoundrels who are doing every thing they can to insult the decent public sentiment of Kansas, to break our laws and to debauch our people? If there is no law to protect our homes, even, from these brazen scamps a good heavy boot might be called into profitable requisition.

Watson & Co., the bridge contractors, knocked another good big persimmon, last week. They secured a five thousand dollar job in Cowley county, and Walter Sharp was also awarded the abutment part of the job at $1500. Our fellows are Eli’s.

J.M. Ridenour is now the biggest man in town. He says Cleveland’s overcoat wouldn’t make him a vest. Boy!

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