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march 4, 1892

Complaints in general have repeatedly reached us of reckless boys breaking window-glass in empty houses in the outskirts of the city. But this week the names of six of the offending youth have been handed to us for publication. We don’t like to brand the boys in this public way, however, and kindly withhold their names, this time, hoping that they and others may appreciate the favor, and quit committing the crime. The initials of their last names, however, include one A., one H., one M. and three W’s.

Bob Pyle and Charlie Willard have formed a partnership in the carpenter business. They are two of the best and most rapid carpenters we ever knew and they are bound to “make it.”

Our old soldier-townsman, Squire C.E. Malcomb was elected one of the twenty delegates from Kansas to the National Encampment of the G.A.R. which meets in Washington next fall.

Taylor Riddle, Charles Carinea and S.L. Billings returned last week from their tour of the sunny Southland. Among other historic places visited was the battle-field of Atlanta.

Mr. Bond, the barber, has united with Mr. Cleek, the new barber, and the new firm occupies the elegant shop under the First National Bank.

Mesdames Ware and Willard have moved their millinery store to the room recently vacated by Mr. Bond, the barber, adjoining Stanford & Sons store.

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